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Manufacturers of machine tool spindles & Precision Engg Assemblies
PMK is an organization which consist of specialists from various fields like Spindle and machine Tool design, R&D, Maintenance Engineers and Bearing Experts. PMK possesses the capability to design and produce in very quick lead times for almost any application.

PKM produces a comprehensive range of spindles for both the OEM's as well as the after market. These are primarily two types: Belt Driven and High frequency motorized spindles. The designing is done using the latest Technology and software. There is a special FEA package for Dynamic Simulation and analysis of spindle which is used for all our products.

PMK brand is well known in India for producing extremely precise engineering parts and has launched into designing and manufacturing of precision Bearings. These can be produced in accuracies confirming of P6, P5, P4, and P2 accuracy.

Some of the application where PMK Bearing find use:- Machine Tools, Aerospace, Wind Energy, Steel Plants, Power Plants, Paper Plants, Cement Plants And almost all applications in the engineering industry.

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